Boksburg    Gold
Christian Academy
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What we stand for and develop

  1. What we stand for and develop

  2. Respect for the Word of God, for God and others.

  3. Biblical Education.

  4. Educational development of the whole child.

  5. Academic excellence.

  6. A System of Mastery.

  7. Individualized Education.

  8. Daily Goal Setting.

  9. Building Biblical Character (with 60 character traits)

  10. Cultural Input (Creare: Music, Art, Dance, Drama, Graphic design, journalism)

  11. Competing in the Senior Student Convention Annually.

  12. Sport (Introduction to various sports)… Chess, Checkers, soccer, netball, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, Bakers cricket, cricket, ball skills, swimming etc

  13. Loving care.

  14. Aftercare with homework supervision.

  15. Spacious safe clean environment.

  16. Developing a lifestyle of Creativity to bring life.

  Where Eagles learn to fly